Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Travel insurance through Post Office UK

A lot companies are these days providing travel insurance. One obvious question is that why does one need an insurance coverage while one is on a single day trip around the Grand Canyon or is vacationing with his or her family in the Caribbean Islands?

The answer is that one doesn’t know when contingencies may arise. Especially when one goes on adventure trips like snorkelling, skiing, scuba diving etc, one runs a higher risk of injuring oneself. Moreover, there is always the risk that you may end up mishandling one of the precious electronic gadgets like digital cameras, mobile phones or virtually anything.

It would be really great if one has an insurance policy in place to cover either some particular trips or the entire trip. There are single trips or whole trips. Single trips are for one person who may either go on for a tour or a single day excursion around the city. The trip will be fully insured so that you can move freely around without any hassles or concern for what may happen.

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The holiday travel insurance is another kind of Post Office travel insurance whereby the whole family gets covered under the same insurance cover. It could be either annual where the family is not covered and the single person can take as many holidays as one wants to, under the full insurance coverage. But under no circumstances are you to go on a trip for more than 30 or 45 days altogether.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mortgage frauds on a rise in UK

Mortgage fraud cases are on a rise in UK. In the first 6 months of 2010 the fraud cases have increased to a 22 year high.

As per the report of the accountancy firm KPMG, the first half of 2010 saw 21 cases of mortgage fraud. The value of money lost in these cases reached £96 million. However, in 2009 the number of frauds were 18 and the amount reached £24 million in the first 6 months. In all there was a loss of £77 million in entire 2009 which is less than the first 6 months of 2010.

The accountancy firms has predicted that the situation will worsen further. They say currently the lenders are in great hurry to lend money-fearing competition and they do not insist on strict verification norms. In many cases the applicants are not asked to show their income proof which is vital in knowing if the borrower will be in a condition to repay the loan or not.

The mortgage fraud cases involve high amounts, one of the biggest cases involved £50 million. Another fraud amounted to £2 million. As per KPMG the cases are rising day after day and this is happening at a large scale. Not every case is registered and there is a lot more than going on. As the figures show, the mortgage fraud amount has crossed £100,000 and in all 166 cases in 2010. This number is the highest when compared to the past 22 years.

It is time lenders become aware of the situation and be strict with their rules to pass the mortgage amount.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Apply for loans

In these times of sluggish recovery, it is very difficult to save a substantial amount of income thus leading people to apply for loans. The good part being that its become an easy procedure to go through, and not much thought is to be applied behind it.

In earlier times, taking a loan meant like a huge debt is about to follow you, but not anymore. The easy replayment systems of the loans, such that it directly gets debited from your accounts as and when the money comes in, thus reducing the burden on the individual himself. The loans offered are such amounts which can be repayed by that person soon enough.

Today, borrowing cash has become easier in the way that one doesn’t need to wait for days on end to know whether they are applicable to take the loan or not, today everyone has the freedom to take a loan without having to cross a big hurdle.

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Earlier, loans without a credit check were impossible but with the introduction of same day loans, its become easier to deal with it as its all on the basis of current day worth. So those who have been trying for long without any success, this is the best stop as there is nothing like getting a loan without a credit check. The amount will not be as large as the secured ones ofcourse, but then again it would be enough to meet the immediate expenses, be it for an employed person or not.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Post Office cuts the 2.5% fee for Travel Credit Card Customers

Post Office gets its customers the best deals any travel service provider can ever offer and it has done so once again. Post Office has waived off the cash advance fee of its travel credit cards in order to reduce the burden of holiday expenses of its customers. From now on the travel credit card customers will not have to pay the 2.5% cash advance fee.

People who use their travel credit card to purchase travel money will be delighted to hear the fee cut. As a lot of travel credit card providers charge their customers up to 3% for such a service. With this new benefit Post Office travel credit card customers will be entitled to enjoy some more advantages. Their travel credit card does not add any commission fees to any purchase that they do abroad. This means travelers can shop round the clock when abroad not worrying about any extra charges.

Apart from this Post Office also gives its customers a 0% commission service on its foreign exchange. Holiday goers can find 29 currencies on demand, which will be available on at 1,600 Post Office branches. They can also pre order currencies of over 70 nations or even choose to do so online and the get a home delivery or next day collection from any of their branch.

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With Post Office, travelers are always assured of the best travel services and with no advance payment fee the savings are even more.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Going for a Mortgage Keep in Mind these points

A lot of people take mortgages to buy properties. Buying property has become a costly affair for many and so people depend hugely on mortgage or loans. These are available from banks financial institutions and even money lenders. But the most important factor to decide which loan to take is the interest rate, loan size, repayment terms etc, these differ from one creditor to another.

The terms and conditions of mortgages put a lot of restrictions on property disposal and reselling till the time the money repayment is not completed. In the US and UK the demand for property ownership is huge and so the economies of these countries depend hugely on mortgage finance.

In US the borrowers apply for mortgages by filling an application form, they are also required to submit their credit or financial history. The money lending institutions then study the financial condition of the applicant and then decide whether or not he is capable enough to repay the mortgage. If he passes all the guidelines followed by the institution he gets the mortgage, he is also given the best possible plans as per his needs.

Before passing the mortgage applications the lenders look into factors like credit report, outstanding credit, credit card accounts, down payment, income, interest rates, available funds and debt to income ratio. They also look into the supply and demand ratio, demographics and the mortgage industry trends.

Another important thing to keep in mind before taking a mortgage is the interest structure. There are fixed and Adjustable interest rate options.

The fixed rate interests remain fixed and are not affected by external factors whereas adjustable interest rates keep fluctuating with the economy of the country. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Avail Instant Car Loan and drive away with your dream car

In today’s fast paced world where people want everything fast, instant car loans have made it possible to own new or better cars quickly. Instant Car Loans have become extremely popular as they provide the much required finance for purchase of automobiles or vehicles in a short time span.

Earning and saving to buy a product or service through full payment has become a thing of the past. These days, people prefer to go for a loan to purchase the product or service and pay for it through loan installments – be it mobile phones, homes or even automobiles.

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You urgently require a better car but in the current financial condition it is simply not feasible for you to save and purchase a new car by paying the full down payment amount.
Instant car loans make this feasible, avail an instant car loan and proceed to purchase the new car. Enjoy using your new car and a better lifestyle which you have always hoped for.

You can avail instant car loans as instantly as you wish. Begin by asking for an online quote from online car loan providers which you can receive in a matter of minutes. All you are required to furnish is a few personal details and the loan amount which you wish to avail. Most of the times, your instant cash loan is likely to be approved in the short time and the loan amount credited into your bank account. This is because most of the loan providers do not check your credit history, they simply ask for

• Loan amount applied for
• Personal Details – Name, Age, Sex, Residential details
• Employment Details – Status, Job Title, Company Name and Location
• Bank Account Details – Type of Bank Account, Bank Account Number

People find availing instant car loan preferable as well as convenient. This is because it is easier to receive quotes online without having to spend time in physically visiting various auto financiers personally. At the same time, comparing quotes and studying them in greater detail is equally convenient. Moreover with online loan application, loan approval and loan credit feasible, people prefer this mode of availing loans to satisfy their requirements.

Before you actually avail the loan, you do need to study the entire loan activity in greater detail with regards to

• Loan Amount
• Rate of Interest
• Loan processing charges if applicable
• Term of Loan
• Loan Installment Amount
• Loan Prepayment Charges
• Default Charges

At same you should be able to plan and allocate your finances accordingly ensuring the loan repayment on time in order to avoid unnecessary penalty charges and more interest costs. You do need to be sure of your capacity to repay the loan amount within the prescribed loan term comfortably.

Availing Instant Car Loan does satisfy your wish of owning and driving your preferred car. If you are confident and capable of repaying off the instant car loan, it is definitely a good idea to purchase a car using an instant car loan.

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Immediate Decision Loans made easy to apply and avail

Avail Instant Auto Loans to keep your automobile in immaculate condition at all times.

With easily available instant auto loans, you need not wait to save and get your automobile repaired or upgraded. Make sure you get the cheapest instant auto loan online and save while you get your automobile in the desired condition.

Instant Auto Loans provide you with much required finance for meeting your additional automobile related expenses. You could require auto loan for upgrading your automobile, repairing your automobile or even purchasing a new automobile for yourself.

These days, it is practically impossible to function without a personal vehicle. Hence, it makes sense to keep your automobile in perfect shape and condition so that you can function smoothly without many hiccups. For this, you do need to maintain it and repair it on regular basis in order to avoid mounting expenses in future.

Attending to urgent repair works or replacement of certain auto parts could bring in much disruption of your financial budget and become a strain on you as well. At such times you could avail of an instant cash loan and carry out the desired automobile related expenditure without disturbing your normal financial budget. You need not even wait for your pay to arrive; you can proceed with your automobile repair work by availing the instant auto loan and repay it off as soon as you receive your pay. In case, you could even proceed with buying a new automobile as soon as you get an instant auto loan.

You could always avail instant auto loan online. Begin with an online search for instant auto loan providers by visiting various loan related websites. You could even check them out through reviews and by comparing the online quotes you receive. Whenever you zero down upon a preferred auto loan provider, you could apply for the instant auto loan and await its approval. As soon as your loan is approved, you simply need to wait for the instant credit into your bank account.

With instant auto loans online, you save upon a lot of effort as well as time. You are no longer required to visit various financial institutions personally and ask for quotes and then compare them on paper before you can actually choose the final instant auto loan provider.

Instant cash loans are offered at affordable rates of interest which make it easy for you to avail them as quickly as possible. It is time you take advantage of instant auto loans online and make the best use of your automobile by either repairing it or upgrading it or even purchasing a new one as the case may be.

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